WWSU Track request System

Use this page to browse our track library and request tracks. You can use the search box to search for tracks by title or artist. Click the colored "click here" button to the right of a track to see more information about it and/or to request it. You may wish to use the "message DJ" feature (speech bubble in the now playing bar) on WWSU's website to request tracks when a DJ is on the air.

As of when this page was loaded, it will take approximately 20 minutes for your request to play, providing another DJ does not go on the air prior.

What the colors mean for the "click here" buttons:

*Gray - Track is disabled or expired and cannot be requested
*Red - You cannot make any more requests as you have reached a limit.
*Blue - Track is enabled but cannot be requested (is not a music track)
*Yellow - Track is enabled but cannot be requested (played within the last 6 hours)
*Green - Track is enabled and can be requested


# Artist Title Duration Info/Request
1. 21 Savage 21 Savage 00:07:07 Click here
2. 21 Savage 21 Savage 00:03:37 Click here
3. 21 Savage Facetime 00:03:56 Click here
4. 21 Savage Dead People 00:02:21 Click here
5. 21 Savage Close My Eyes 00:04:48 Click here
6. 21 Savage Bad Business 00:02:38 Click here
7. 21 Savage Baby Girl 00:02:45 Click here
8. 21 Savage Whole Lot 00:05:08 Click here
9. 21 Savage Thug Life 00:04:21 Click here
10. 21 Savage Special 00:03:33 Click here
11. 21 Savage Numb 00:04:25 Click here
12. 21 Savage Nothin New 00:03:32 Click here
13. 21 Savage Money Convo 00:03:30 Click here
14. 21 Savage Famous 00:03:52 Click here
15. 21 Savage & Metro Boomin No Heart 00:03:52 Click here
16. Mike Will Made It ft 21 Savage, Yg & Migos Gucci On 00:04:34 Click here