WWSU Track request System

Use this page to browse our track library and request tracks. You can use the search box to search for tracks by title or artist. Click the colored "click here" button to the right of a track to see more information about it and/or to request it. You may wish to use the "message DJ" feature (speech bubble in the now playing bar) on WWSU's website to request tracks when a DJ is on the air.

As of when this page was loaded, it will take approximately 20 minutes for your request to play, providing another DJ does not go on the air prior.

What the colors mean for the "click here" buttons:

*Gray - Track is disabled or expired and cannot be requested
*Red - You cannot make any more requests as you have reached a limit.
*Blue - Track is enabled but cannot be requested (is not a music track)
*Yellow - Track is enabled but cannot be requested (played within the last 6 hours)
*Green - Track is enabled and can be requested


# Artist Title Duration Info/Request
1. 03 junior_mafia 00:04:00 Click here
2. 03 lil_kim_ft._50_cent 00:03:31 Click here
3. 03 nas 00:03:11 Click here
4. 03 nas 00:03:13 Click here
5. 03 People's Blues of Richmond 'Quit or Die' 00:01:33 Click here
6. Balkun Brothers 03 She Got It All 00:05:52 Click here
7. CRi 03_Don't (feat. Gabriella Hook) 00:05:08 Click here
8. Funkmaster Flex Sad And Blue (Dub 03) 00:00:58 Click here
9. Keith Murray 03. Incredible (Instrumental) (feat. LL Cool J) 00:02:58 Click here
10. Keith Murray 03. The Rhyme (The Slum Village Instrumental) 00:03:54 Click here
11. Lo Tom 03 Bubblegum 00:03:43 Click here
12. Matt Cameron 03 Blind 00:04:06 Click here
13. Saint Johns 03 Lost The Feeling 00:03:37 Click here
14. Unknown Artist 03 Five Silent Miles 00:03:59 Click here
15. Unknown Artist 03 Drop (Radio Edit) 00:03:41 Click here
16. Unknown Artist 03 Float 00:04:15 Click here
17. Unknown Artist 03 QACHINA 00:03:43 Click here
18. Unknown Artist 03 Sons Of The Serpent 00:04:35 Click here
19. Unknown Artist 03 Right Now 00:03:52 Click here
20. Vince Staples 03 Alyssa Interlude (Clean) 00:02:36 Click here